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Wondering about Botox?  These three medications are the ones we use and love. Read below for more... 


Above are the areas of the face we typically target.

Do not trust anything less than a Physician who has excellent training, results and one who administers Botox every single day. 

Our Eyes say so much about us.  Botox is our favorite way to remove the wrinkles from your eyes for up to six months.  We suggest thinking about another treatment every four months.


If you take a moment and look at these pictures, it truly is striking to see how different our wrinkles make us look and how amazing the results of this simple, quick, safe and truly effective treatment has become.


How do we charge for these services? 

We charge per region.  I.E. Mouth, Glabella, Forehead, Crows Feet or Bunny Lines.

Prices are from 200$-350$ per region.

Read on to see what you get.

What do you get from us that no one else offers?

A touch-up visit.  We make an appointment for two weeks after your initial visit for a touch up.  Costs you nothing and if you need a little more we make you look your best.


Some people may charge per unit.  We do not believe in that approach.  We want you to get exactly what you need from an artist that is amazingly well trained.  This gives Dr. Starnes freedom to use more if you need more; exactly where you need it.

Expect the Best

That is what we deliver.

- Chris Starnes MD

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