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Laser Vein Therapy

We treat small superficial Veins with a Long Pulse Yag 1064nm Laser.  This laser has a super cooled tip that cools the skin to minimize discomfort during the very quick procedure.


The Pictures on this site are examples of the veins we treat with this laser.  Once treated the vein cannot come back.  When you get this laser treatment we will discuss some ways to prevent other parts of your legs from developing more of these superficial veins.

There is no down time with this laser.  Some offices will use sclerotherapy to treat these veins.  That procedure consists of injecting a very small amount a solution that can cause ulceration and other damage to your skin.  We do not use that modality as we believe the laser gives you the same results without the potential damage.

We bill this laser based on time.  We charge 300$ for treatment unless you need extended time of treatment, but, for most patients, you will not need the extended time.

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