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Cosmetic Consultations

Dr. Starnes will conduct a comprehensive review of your face and your concerns. This facial assessment will allow the most beneficial and suitable treatment options to be formulated into a treatment plan.  Available regimens may include but are not limited Botox, Jeuveau, fillers, lasers, skincare,  and more.  This comprehensive facial assessment will allow a customized regimen to be formulated and tailored to each individual.  

This consultation is $100.

Cosmetic Complication Consultations. 


Recently, there have been an increasing number of complications arising from local, poorly trained, practitioners providing services they cannot fully manage.  We will do our best to understand and explain the issues you are facing.  We will offer our honest opinion of  your options to mitigate the complications.

This initial evaluation and consultation is $350

We, also, occasionally, have a complication (also called an adverse effect) from a procedure Dr Starnes has completed.  Please rest assured if you believe you have a complication from a procedure we have completed there is no fee to evaluate your complaint without further charge.

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