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Laser Skin Resurfacing


In general, what we mean by laser skin resurfacing is that we use a CO2 laser that puts microscopic size openings into your skin.  This encourages your skin to repair itself.  This repair process allows new cells to form in these holes and allows new collagen synthesis in the deep part of the holes.   

In the picture on your left you can see the white grid area.  The grid area is where the laser has been used to create these very tiny holes.   You can see there is no bleeding in the picture.  Sometimes we do get just  a little bleeding but it is minimal.


Here is a patient being treated with metal eye shields to protect her eyes from the laser.  This procedure is completed in the clinic.  We recommend some down time if you are having your entire face treated.  Acne scarring is the main reason we use this laser on the entire face.

Scars and deeper wrinkles are the next most popular reason to use this laser.  If you can cover the area and protect it from sun there is no down time from this procedure.


Above left you can see we treat around the mouth, hands, scars, and around the eyes.

This is a great example of a patient before and after this laser treatment.


What does this cost?  We treat areas as small as the crows feet we get around our eyes, small scars, around the mouth, hands or your entire face and neck.  Prices start at $300 and go up.  

Hopefully I have helped explain some of the uses of this laser.  If you have questions please ask!

                              - Christopher Starnes MD

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