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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo removal is a safe way to remove a tattoo completely, or, prepare to change your tattoo and reduce the amount of fill needed to change your ink into a new masterpiece.  


Three to Five treatments are generally needed to reduce the amount of ink in your skin so that you no longer see that tat.  The Laser obliterates the ink so some effect is instant.  You will, in general, blister after the treatment.  These blisters are superficial and do not lead to scarring.


Once the blistering has completely healed you can return for another treatment.  This generally takes 2-4 weeks.

We treat any part of your body that you need a tattoo removed from....


Even when you decide you do not want to wake up to having makeup on your face.

Price for the laser is $200 per treatment in general.  This pricing is based on size.

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