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Dermal Fillers

The Restylane Family, and Juvederm Family are our favorite types of fillers.  Most patients do not know what fillers really do for them.  My mission is to teach you where we use Fillers and how they work.  - Chris Starnes MD

These are the areas we typically treat. You will see some overlap with Botox. This is where Dr. A. Starnes' experience is important in helping you decide what you need.


The best way to decide what you need is to set up a Cosmetic Consultation with Dr Starnes.  She will help you decide what services may or may not meet your hopes and expectations.

The picture to the left depicts Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  Many products we put on our skin contain this compound.  This is the same base chemical we find in fillers.

By injecting the HA under the epidermis and into the level of the dermis these compounds can have effects that last up to one year!
If you are considering getting fillers elsewhere be sure to ask how many people they have treated in their training, or what they will do if they mess up.
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Dr. Autumn Starnes attends meetings throughout the year on techniques, complications and solutions.  We are, after all, Cutting-Edge.  

What do these treatments cost? 

If you need only part of a syringe for a small spot we can offer this option, but most people need at least 1 syringe of filler.  You will see some clinics pricing on different types of fillers.  We have all of them we like to use and charge the same price for any of them.  This allows Dr. Starnes the ability to choose the one she believes is best suited for the effect you are looking to find.  Our first syringe is $650 and syringes after the first are $600 each.   We often have rebates direct from the manufacturer and specials to make these treatments a bit more affordable.  Last, unlike Botox that takes a few days to work, you see these results immediately!  If you have questions email us at

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