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Laser Hair removal is a safe and effective method for removing unwanted hair.  The way the laser works:  The light passes to the hair follicle and heats up the area where the hair is formed.  This light heats the follicle and damages it.  This stops the hair growth from that follicle indefinitely.  It takes multiple treatments because our hair grows in cycles.  Only about 15-25%  of your hair is actually growing today.  If you were to get treated today we would permanently stop that hair from growing.  In 4-6 weeks a new group of hair follicles begin growing.  These cycles are what makes multiple treatments necessary.  

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Who gets hair removal?

Honestly, aren't we all interested in getting rid of some hair?  Or, maybe never shaving parts of your body again?


The most common area we treat is above the lip.

We often see Men who want to remove unwanted hair from chest, arms, back or neck.


Women often ask if the bikini area or this area in general is painful to get treated.  Our Candela Gentlelase uses a cold refringent spray about 40 milliseconds before the laser flashes on.  This cooling effect is the sensation people describe.

It is not as bad as you might expect!

Yes, we can do all of your skin waist down if you want.

The Lip and Chin area costs just $100 per session

We treat the axilla or your Bikini line for 200$ per session

As hair grows in cycles you will need more than one treatment.  We offer packaging pricing at a discount.

Treatments are typically every four weeks and most people need four or five treatments.

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